Weimark Analytics are a bundle of highly effective, powerful tools, efficient in gaining insight on screening performance. These tools allow you to manage risk through evaluation of applicants, your property, or your portfolio. Weimark analytics give you a goal-oriented view of many key factors that impact future applicants, as well as staffing opportunities. By utilizing these research based, business driven scoring solutions, businesses are able to uncover hidden opportunities, identify key relationships, and make more precise decisions. In addition, unique data authentication processes locate additional information in determining applicant authenticity, thereby reducing risk and controlling results.

Automated Decisioning

As decision criteria can quickly evolve in an ever-changing market, strong decision solutions are necessary in order to implement consistent changes in decision logic, while maintaining business standards. Weimark decisioning combines extensive research and powerful data, and utilizes client customization, in establishing individualized custom scoring criteria. Data analytics and business logic merge for rapid processing, with complex decisioning made simple. Utilizing both judgment criteria and customized risk scoring, along with strong research data, intelligent decisions are effortlessly generated. Weimark decisioning includes merged, multi-repository sources that are not limited to credit reports. This process saves much time, while maintaining company standards and remaining in compliance with Fair Housing Regulations and FTC requirements.

Custom Integrations

Custom interfaces allow businesses to streamline their screening process workflow by running multiple tasks through one comprehensive solution. Weimark has partnered with some of largest Real Estate Management software and CRM, to provide an array of interface options to meet the needs of a varied clients base. These management systems allow users to electronically fuse entered data from the integrated software into Weimark's prospect database, neatly organizing and retaining data for screening use. Our development team is constantly working to ensure that these integrations meet the goals of our clients. Furthermore, we are continually exploring new venues, and are systematically adding new ones to maximize efficiency. To learn more about Weimark web service API, please contact us.

eRent Applications

Electronic rental applications are a wise, paperless option for landlords and management companies looking to manage workflow, without the hassle of stacks of rental applications. It allows users to host rental applications on their company website. Applicants can then complete, electronically sign, pay, and submit the information into Weimark's system as a prospective tenant. This eliminates errors, as well as double entry of information, and saves time better delegated to other pressing matters.

Lease and Document Generation

Endless paperwork and data entry can be time consuming, and wastes much valuable time and resources needed elsewhere. Weimark's automated document generation allows a business to simplify, as well as organize their screening process, from start to finish. Options include automated acceptance letters, denial letters, and lease agreements. These automated features will save time and eliminate entry errors. In addition, document generation effectively maintains that businesses are in compliance with the Fair Housing Regulations and FTC requirements.

Marketing Reports

Weimark's Management Marketing reports are highly effective visualization tools in analyzing real time sources of established criteria, in one concise arrangement. Users are able to evaluate a wealth of information at a glance, and then plan strategically. These pivotal reports provide vital insight into patterns and trends, for effective, informed decision-making. Information garnered successfully converts unrealized and untouched prospects into solid leads. Reports are highly customizable, and are generated by client-determined criteria, making these reports an integral part of the business risk mitigation.

Manual Verifications

Applicants with negative history are over 60% likely to fabricate, embellish, or simply omit information on their application. Weimark manual verifications allow clients to gain an in-depth, accurate picture on key factors of applicant history that greatly affect the decision-making process. This option allows for more informed decision making by obtaining information through phone or email contact with parties equipped to verifying key applicant information. Manual Verifications enhance applicant retention, and minimize the risk of payment delinquency, criminal activity, and overall business liability. Options include automated document submission as a more streamlined alternative.